16 AI tools for VCs, startups to get more productive at work

16 AI tools for VCs, startups to get more productive at work

By Olha Dub, PR writer at F1V

According to our recent survey among over 100 investors, platform managers and executives of various levels, VCs have been using AI more actively lately.

Today, more companies are subscribing to ready-made AI platforms, creating their own, or at least planning to start adopting AI in the next few months.

In this article, we listed some of the AI tools that can help investors and startups in everyday work. Most of them have free or demo versions.

Working assistant: Danswer

Danswer helps employees find the information they need within their company. The tool allows users to ask questions and receive instant, accurate responses with references based on internal company documents and sources. It integrates with over 25 apps, including Slack, Google Drive, Notion, GitHub, and more.

Website: danswer.ai.

Pricing: Free plan and two paid plans starting from $16 per month.

Meeting notetaker: Fireflies.ai

Fireflies.ai allows teams to focus on conversations and ideas during calls instead of taking notes. The tool transcribes meetings, creates summaries, offers action points, analyzes speeches, and builds a knowledge base. It works with apps like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. It also integrates with CRMs and many collaboration tools.

Website: fireflies.ai.

Pricing: Free plan and three paid plans starting from $10 per month.

Visual content creator: Runway

Runway is almost a magical tool for making creative videos. Using text prompts customers write, the tool makes high-quality short videos with people, animals, landscapes, and more. These clips may look realistic or fantasy-like. Runway also helps make creative pics, generate voiceovers, and remix styles of visual content.

Website: runwayml.com.

Pricing: Free plan and three paid plans starting from $12 per month.

Email & meeting manager: Magical

Magical claims to save teams about seven hours weekly on mind-numbing tasks like managing emails. The tool drafts emails and messages in a few clicks, training on your and your team's templates, and completes databases and CRMs. Its Google Chrome extension works with many websites. This tool can be especially helpful in sales, customer support, recruiting, and healthcare management.

Website: getmagical.com/ai.

Pricing: Free plan and two paid plans starting from $6.5 per month.

Сonversational platform: Mistral AI

Mistral helps businesses, from AI startups to enterprises, integrate AI into their products and services. It provides open-source customizable AI models that developers can download and deploy to create assistants, apps, personalized marketing campaigns, proprietary platforms, etc.

Website: mistral.ai.

Pricing: No free plan; check pricing on this webpage.

Deal sourcing assistant: Harmonic

Harmonic helps VCs find promising companies to invest in. The platform provides a database consisting of 20M+ startups and 160M+ professional profiles. It allows investors to make specific searches (based on industry, company metrics, founders’ backgrounds, and more) and detect fast-growing startups. It also provides company profiles, real-time alerts, and an opportunity to connect with people.

The F1V investment team uses this tool for sourcing deals.

Website: harmonic.ai.

Pricing: Demo and two paid pricing plans (prices aren’t specified on the website).

Transcription tool: Rev

Rev creates subtitles and captions, transcripts and summaries in 38 languages with over 90% accuracy (so it claims). With this tool, users can also record voice clips, quickly organize files, find keywords and highlights. It allows users to edit and share content on different platforms.

Website: rev.com.

Pricing: Demo and paid plans for transcripts, captions, and subtitles starting from $0.25 per minute.

Productivity tool: Notion

We all know Notion. It provides a space for collaboration, taking notes, organizing and interconnecting files, creating databases, and even websites. Users can now ask Notion AI to find specific info based on company data or help arrange their data. Also, it serves as a writing assistant, makes summaries, and helps autofill tables.

Our team at F1V uses Notion as a key platform for arranging company data. Our website is also built on Notion.

Website: notion.so/product/ai.

Pricing: Free plan and three paid plans starting from $10 per month (to use Notion AI features, add $8 per month).

Workflow automation tool: Zapier

Zapier helps automate literally anything — from marketing campaigns or sales outreach to employee onboarding. Apart from automating multiple workflows within a company without needing developers, this platform allows users to create web pages, apps, and AI chatbots, offering templates. It integrates with over 3,000 apps.

Website: zapier.com.

Pricing: Free plan and three paid plans starting from $20 per month.

Presentation assistant: Pitch

Pitch helps craft “sleek presentations” and “sharp, on-brand decks” for startup pitching, sales, team meetings, and other purposes. The tool offers over 100 customizable templates and features for smart editing. It allows users to add brand colors and fonts, videos, and motion graphs. It also provides analytics to track visits, slide views, and the time spent on each slide. Its AI promises to speed up every step of the creation process.

Website: pitch.com.

Pricing: Free plan and two paid plans starting from €20 per month.

Human resources co-pilot: Kindo HR Cloud

Kindo assists HRs in streamlining their day-to-day operations. The platform helps analyze employee data and underlines trends to improve a team’s productivity and engagement. It also aids in employee onboarding and recognition.

Website: kindo.ai/integration/hr-cloud.

Pricing: Free plan is available; pricing is not specified on the website.

Talent sourcing tool: Juicebox

Juicebox helps recruiters hire top candidates across the globe, including specialists with specific skill sets. The tool finds potential hires based on indicated role requirements. Then, users can shortlist them by applying filters and asking specific questions in a chat, and reach out to the best-fitting candidates using pre-generated personalized messages. Its search feature is powered by people search engine PeopleGPT.

Website: juicebox.ai.

Pricing: Free plan and three paid plans starting from $79 per month.

Writing assistant: Grammarly

Grammarly helps polish grammar in texts and refine wording to sound like a native speaker. The tool scans the text to pinpoint grammatical and punctuation mistakes and typos, providing suggestions for improvement. It can also offer to rewrite and restructure sentences for better readability or a more relevant tone.

Grammarly works on over 500,000 websites, browsers, and apps. It has a website, a desktop version, and a Google Chrome extension (which also works in Google Docs).

Website: app.grammarly.com.

Pricing: Free plan and four paid plans starting from $12 per month.

Investor CRM tool: Affinity

Affinity is designed to help private capital dealmakers automate routine tasks. The platform aids VCs in maintaining deal flow, keeping their data organized, and gaining insights from analytics. Through data syncing, it allows users to manage their network by creating a directory of people and organizations they are connected to.

Affinity is considered to be the most popular CRM among investors. However, it can be quite expensive for small teams. The F1V team uses Attio, which charges $30-70 per user monthly. Attio provides a simple user experience, a Google Chrome extension, integration with email and many other platforms, along with useful filters.

Website: affinity.co.

Pricing: No free plan; four paid plans starting from $2k per year.

Due Diligence helper: Wokelo AI

Wokelo AI accelerates due diligence and research for strategy and investment firms. The platform provides insights on any public or private company (seed to IPO), including info about a product, competition, and financials. It also allows users to upload and analyze docs, helps to create accurate investment memos, and conduct market research.

Website: wokelo.ai.

Pricing: Not specified on the website.

Outreach assistant: Apollo.io

Apollo.io helps sales specialists build pipelines and close deals more efficiently, providing an accurate B2B database with over 275M contacts and 73M companies to find leads. The platform allows users to engage with prospects conveniently by creating email sequences, making calls, and connecting on social media in one place.

It also offers to connect other CRMs for automatic record updates. A Google Chrome extension and analytics are also available.

Website: apollo.io.

Pricing: Free plan, demo, and three paid plans starting from $49 monthly.

Find other tools in each category listed in our AI stack mapping below and read our full research “F1V survey: How VCs use AI for investing, productivity in 2024.”

    VC AI Stack Mapping from the F1V survey on how VCs use AI for investing and productivity in 2024.
VC AI Stack Mapping from the F1V survey on how VCs use AI for investing and productivity in 2024.

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